If you own any motor vehicle you are required by law to have those vehicles insured. However, Motorcycle and Auto insurance are two separate categories. But why? We’re going to break down the ways that Auto and Motorcycle insurance differ. 


Because motorcycles are so much more dangerous than a traditional vehicles, the insurance for a motorcycle has a higher cost. This cost takes into account the likelihood of an accident for a motorcycle in comparison to a car or SUV. The fatality rate for a motorcycle is 30% higher than that of an automobile. 

Because a motorcycle offers very little physical protection, the operator is much more likely to experience high injuries if they are to crash. Cars and SUVs have many safety features such as airbags, crash detection, automatic emergency braking systems, blind spot detection, and more. Because of their size, vehicles have more opportunities to place safety features throughout the entirety of the vehicle, ensuring passengers can safely transport from A to B. 

Passenger Safety

Auto insurance typically includes some sort of passenger protection in the event that you are in an accident with a passenger present. Many auto insurances include passenger protection and will cover medical expenses if an accident were to occur, whereas motorcycle insurance is typically an additional coverage to be added on. Because a motorcycle is not typically meant to be ridden with a passenger, oftentimes the injuries that occur from an accident with a passenger leave the financial responsibility to the injured or the driver. This can lead to hundreds and thousands of dollars in medical bills without any assistance from insurance. 

Coverage Requirements

The minimum coverage requirements will vary from state to state, but a typical policy will provide coverage for accidental damage, theft, medical injuries, and damage caused to your vehicle by uninsured motorists. Because motorcycles in the midwest can only be used for a brief moment in time, there are varying options for the way that motorcycles can be insured through the colder months. 

By law, if you own a car, you are required to have auto insurance or proof of financial responsibility, the minimum coverage requirements can vary from state to state. So, to be sure that you are adequately covered, it is important to know the basics when selecting an auto insurance policy.


Due to the number of factors that go into calculating both auto and motorcycle insurance, motorcycle insurance typically ends up costing more. There are so many factors that go into consideration when developing an insurance plan tailored to you, and most importantly ensuring that it protects you and your property appropriately. 

The key takeaway

Every driver is different, which is why at OnPoint Insurance Services we go to the fullest extent to make sure you and whatever mode of transportation you choose are protected to meet your needs. Your safety and the safety of your property is our top priority. Let’s connect and see how we can help you create the perfect insurance plan!